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Wavelet Tutorials

 (!)   Tutorial on Wavelets and Filter Banks by Nguyen Troung. 
 (!)   Wavelet Pages fromNumerical Recipes 
 (!)   Introduction by Amara 
 (!)   Overview of MRA and wavelets by Jawerth and Sweldens 
 (!)   Dobb's #1   Doob's #2  and  Doobs #3 
 (!)   Ueda and Lodha Intro Wavelet Paper. 
 (!)   Introductory paper by  Ronald DeVore and Bradley Lucier. 
 (!)   Interactive Wavelet Tutor by Jacques Lewalle, Syracuse University.
 (!)   Cohen's Intro Paper 
 (!)   A Gentle Introduction to Wavelets, by Rehmi Post 
 (!)   Strang #1   Strang #2  and   Strang #3  Intro Papers.

Wavelet Theory

 (!) Adaptive Nonlinear Approximation (PhD thesis in matching pursuit) by Geoffrey Davis  (!) Davis, Mallat and Zhang on Matching Pursuit  (!) Beylkin's Short Course on Wavelets and Fast Numerical Calculations  (!) Periodic Bases and Spherical Wavelets (Narcowitch and Ward).  (!) Chirplets versus Wavelets...Steve Mann and Simon Haykin.  (!) Lu, Healy and Weaver on Wavelet Reproducing Kernels.  (!) Terence Tao on Wavelet Shrinkage and its a.e. convergence  (!) Pointwise Convergence of Wavelet Expansions, Kelly et al.

Wavelet Applications

 (!) Ill posed problems and Wavelets (Andreas Reider)  (!) Characterizations of signals by wavelet ridges (Carmona, Hwang and Torresani)  (!) Wavelet multi-ridges (Carmona, Hwang and Torresani)  (!) Lu et al. Noise reduction paper (Radiology applications)  (!) Cohen on earthquakes

Wavelets in Psychology

 (!) Blue and Blue on Correlational Opponent-Processing

Wavelets in Economics

 (!) MacCody's Econ Wavelet Paper.
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